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Visit to Mt Tabor, Oct 28, 2009. Place of Jesus' Transfiguration (Matthew 17:1-9). Also where Deborah and Barak commanded the armies of Israel. (Judges 4 and 5)

TA-1 Mt Tabor title
TA-Along the Jordan R Date Palms
TA-Approaching Mt Tabor-1
TA-Approaching Mt Tabor-2
TA-Bascilica at Mt Tabor-1
TA-Bascilica at Mt Tabor-2
TA-Bascilica at Mt Tabor-3
TA-Bascilica at Mt Tabor-4
TA-Bascilica at Mt Tabor-5
TA-Bascilica inside Mt Tabor-1
TA-Bascilica inside Mt Tabor-2
TA-Bascilica inside Mt Tabor-3
TA-Bascilica Mt Tabor Bill Morin sings
TA-Bascilica Mt Tabor Elijah
TA-Bascilica Mt Tabor Moses
TA-Chapel ruins Mt Tabor-1
TA-Chapel ruins Mt Tabor-2
TA-Chapel ruins Mt Tabor-3
TA-Chapel ruins Mt Tabor-4
TA-Team at Mt Tabor
TA-Team devotions at Mt Tabor
TA-View from Mt Tabor-1
TA-View from Mt Tabor-2
TA-View from Mt Tabor-3
TA-View from Mt Tabor-4

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