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Overview of Jerusalem from east and south. Views of Biblical Jerusalem model at the Israel Museum. Visit to Templke Mount, today the site of two Islamic Mosques and the Islam Museum.
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JE-1st view of Jerusalem from east-1
JE-1st view of Jerusalem from east-2
JE-1st view of Jerusalem from east-3-Temple Mount
JE-1st view of Jerusalem from east-4-Temple Mount
JE-Jerusalem from south-1
JE-Jerusalem from south-2
JE-Jerusalem from south-3
JE-Jerusalem Gate Hotel-1
JE-Jerusalem Gate Hotel-2
JE-Original city walls
JE-Outside Temple Mount area
JE-Overlooking Jerusalem-camel ride-1
JE-Overlooking Jerusalem-camel ride-2
JE-Overlooking Jerusalem-camel ride-3
JE-Overlooking Jerusalem-donkey ride
JE-Tombs outside wall in Golden Gate area
MU-Israel Museum entry
MU-Israel Museum flags
MU-Model Old Jerusalem-1
MU-Model Old Jerusalem-2
MU-Model Old Jerusalem-3
MU-Model Old Jerusalem-4
MU-Model-City of David
MU-Temple Mount Model Dung Gate

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