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Photos start with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane and then proceed to Jerusalem and his trial and route along the Via Dolorosa (Way of Sorrow) from his Judgement to the Crucifixion. Also a vid=sit to the Garden Tomb.
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GA-Church of all Nations-1-in Garden of Gethsemane
GA-Church of all Nations-2-interior
GA-Church of all Nations-3
GA-Church of all Nations-4
GA-Garden of Gethsemane-1-olive tree 1000s of yrs old
GA-Garden of Gethsemane-2-olive tree 1000s of yrs old
GA-Garden of Gethsemane-3-olive tree 1000s of yrs old
GA-Garden of Gethsemane-4-Christian Zindt reads Bible
JR-Bethesda-St Anne healing pool-1-John 5 1-9
JR-Bethesda-St Anne healing pool-2-John 5 1-9
JR-Dolorosa-1-description-the Way of Sorrow from Jesus judgement to crucifixion
JR-Dolorosa-3-street sign
JR-Dolorosa-4-Ecce Homo-Behold the Man- Convent 1
JR-Dolorosa-5-Ecce Homo 2
JR-Dolorosa-6-Ecce Homo arch 3
JR-Dolorosa-7-Ecce Homo interior 4
JR-Dolorosa-8-market outside Ecco Home
JR-Dolorosa-9-continuing along the street
JR-Dolorosa-10-market vendor of bread
JR-Dolorosa-11-continuing along the street
JR-Dolorosa-12-Jesus falls-Polish chapel at 3rd station of the crosst
JR-Dolorosa-13-T-shirt shop
JR-Dolorosa-14-T-shirt shop

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