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Visit to Jericho, Israel Oct 28, 2009. Oldest and lowest city on earth. It was the first Canaanite town captured and destroyed by Joshua when the wall fell on the 7th day from the sound of trumpets and people shouting (Joshua Ch 6).

JO-1 Title
JO-Entry to Jericho sign-1
JO-Entry to Jericho sign-2
JO-From Distance
JO-From top of Jericho Tell-1
JO-From top of Jericho Tell-2
JO-Looking east from top of Jericho Tell
JO-Remains of oldest house-1
JO-Remains of oldest house-2
JO-Remains of oldest house-3
JO-Wall fallen-1
JO-Wall fallen-2
JO-Zacchaeus Sycamore Tree

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