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Outdoor market south of Guatemala City, the Guatemala City Central Market, and the Railway Museum.
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1-Guatemala Markets Title
2-South of Guatemala City
3-Market South of City
4-Market South of City
5-Market South of City
6-Market South of City
7-Market South of City
8-Truck with produce
9-Truck with produce
10-Truck with produce
11-Central Market-Buying fabric
12-Central Market-Buying fabric
13-Central Market-Buying fabric
14-Central Market-Betsy-souvenirs
15-Central Market-Betsy
16-Central Market-Betsy
17-Central Market-Baby
18-Central Market-Peanut lady
19-Central Market-Carrying big vase
19-Central Market-Painting vases
20-Central Market-Painting vases
21-Pottery Stall
22-Another pottery stall
23-More pottery

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