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Visit to Bethlehem, a Christian-Arab "West Bank" city in the Judean hills 4 mi south of Jerusalem, and to the Church of the Nativity (divided into 3 sections: Greek Orthodox, Armenian, and Roman Catholic). Also visit to Nazareth, an Arab city in Galilee, where Jesus gree to manhood.
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BH-1-Bethlehem Church Spire
BH-4th Century Church of Nativity-1-Greek Orthodox-Armenian-Catholic
BH-4th Century Church of Nativity-2
BH-Nativity Church Grotto-1-Greek Orthodox
BH-Nativity Grotto-2
BH-Nativity Grotto-3
BH-Nativity Grotto-4
BH-Nativity Grotto-5
BH-Nativity Grotto-6-Supposed Birthplace of Jesus
BH-Nativity Grotto-7
BH-Nativity Grotto-8-RC part
BH-Translation of Bible to Latin by Jerome Mosaic-Paula and Eustochium look on
BH-View of Bethlehem at dusk
BH-View of Mosque in Bethleham
NZ-Guide Marian-1
NZ-Guide Marian-2
NZ-Nazareth Church of Annunciation-1
NZ-Nazareth Church of Annunciation-2
NZ-Nazareth Church of Annunciation-3
NZ-Nazareth Church of Annunciation-4-door
NZ-Nazareth Church of Annunciation-5-door
NZ-Nazareth Church of Annunciation-6-dome
NZ-Nazareth Church of Annunciation-7-grotto close
NZ-Nazareth Church of Annunciation-7-grotto

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